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They're Coming to Take Me Away

Obama Don't Let Up Ad


700 Club tells evangelists to go pray at The Wall Street Bull

Vote to cancel out your crazy Neighbor, video

I’m Joe the Plumber try my new cologne

Obama Ad questions McCains choice of Palin

Why Starbucks makes me a better person

Australia to impose mandatory internet censorship

Palins racist followers shout the n-word

When Yo Harper becomes Harper Who

McCain buys first Palin Cabbage Doll

Surviving the recession we are not supposed to have next year

SNL Ferrell seriously does Bush

Wassup 2008 - Obama change ad

Cat Stevens can fly again

Message over matter

Jim jumps in to action

No Colour for Old Men

Profiteering douchebags

So much for the rule of law

Seven days without bullshit

The two interim leaders step aside as Mr Dion remains until May

Colin Dalai Lama Powell

Amy Poehler doing Sarah Palin Rap

McCallum to be interim leader

What if we are actually right about Harper

Cold Turkey since 69

Letterman gets payback on McCain

Wal-Mart Canada does it again

Buying confidence 10 billion at a time

I assume a Harper dental plan would include brushing after every meal

Dodging a bullet

CTV cuts and pastes one last story for Harper

Red Tory has the story

Not enjoying it so far Mr. Flaherty

Can you play God Bless America on a banjo

I hate getting the wool pulled over my eyes

The only thing that Harper has changed since his 1997 speech is his wardrobe

Make Sarah Palin talk dirty

Its time to elect some steadier hands and tighter lips.

Happy 68th John

Flaherty takes credit for our banking system

Harper now takes meat inspection very seriously, well at least until next Tuesday

Crazy experts what do they know

Steve Bobble head movie

On a brighter note, Steve is a bobble head

Harper wants us to go down with his ship

Kill him proposed one man in audience

More facts revealed about Harpers failed deregulation at Maple Leaf

A sign of the times

It seems unfair as Americans get FDR and we get Bushs third term

Tina Fey for VP

Harper is all sweater, no cattle and riding a one trick neocon pony to economic irrelevance