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To an old guy like me it's like having Taylor Swift as a bestie

My twitter account gained two new followers this month Jackson Browne and David Crosby. Now, I know that my grand total of forty followers doesn’t compare in quantity to Kinsella’s, as he reminded us this week, but my followers are a hell of a lot more progressive than his.
On the down side I probably won’t be able to enter the states anymore.

Dear Progressive Bloggers Admin people

Us millennial types like to peruse the Progressive Bloggers aggregator via our iPhones (thank you Steve may you rest in peace), and as nice as your new Wordpress theme is somewhat 2010ish, it doesn't work on an iPhone or I assume the cheaper glitzier Chinese knockoffs. Do you want to fix that?Thank you

State of the Uniom: America a shit hole country

I must be getting old, I'm having a Decarie moment and can't log into ffibs, so I'm posting this monstrosity on Willy Loman. I started this back when Trump misspelt the invitations to his State of the Union and then more and more events happened that I wanted to add e.g. The Parkland Perp Walk.

Anyway zoom in if you like, the bikinis are cute :)