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I am going to start being happy

I have never been able to fully understand why I am not a happier person. I have a roof over my head, a job to occupy the daytime hours, a family: wife, two kids, three and half grandchildren and two dogs. Certainly a lot more that many people have. Yet I am not a happy person.
Ruling out a mental or chemical imbalance of some sort, although maybe prematurely, it might possibly have something to do with the way that I have lived my life and what I have actually been doing for the past forty years or so. Possibly a career related imbalance, that could be compared to what I would call the carpenter syndrome. 
Maybe you have heard about or witnessed that a carpenter's house is always falling apart. Carpenters fix things all day long and can't get around to repairing anything in their own home. It would be too much like work for them. 
Well Willy, similar to his namesake is just another salesman and similar to all salespeople, he is a sociable guy. All of his manufacturers, distribut…

Friday Night Nirvana

Nirvana was one of the few groups that came out after the mid seventies that I listened to. I thought the Grunge thing was great. In fact that is how I always dressed, well except for a few years when I got carried away and started wearing elephant pants. The Grunge look was cool and Nirvana's music grungy and dirty even in this commercialized teenage angst video. I like the cheerleaders turning on, though, but unfortunately I'm just the old man with the broom.

Kurdt Kobain would of been 43 years old today. What a waste.
For your listening pleasure here is their video Smells Like Teen Spirit.

I really do not like Harper

In fact I would say that I unreasonably and irrationally despise the man. I mean, he could of walked to Haiti this week, tip toeing across the surface of the water, carrying food supplies and a second D.A.R.T. on his back and I would have still found fault with this egotistical pissant. He is an arrogant, born again, right wing radical, ideologue who should not be in any position to have any power over my life, my family's life or our country, in my humble opinion.
So every time there is a new poll showing declining numbers for Harper and his evil neocon, pmo-based, cabal I immediately over react, doing a little dance in the office, forcing high fives on my associates, and reeling off a couple rants about the horrific assaults on the humanitarian and democratic institutions of our country, that I read about everyday, right here from pro-bloggers. 
My associates on the other hand, tend to have a more pragmatic view towards Harper and politics in general, focussing more on work (thank…

Hiring a Jew for Harper

Just finished reading Gerard Caplan's Globe article, What every office needs to succeed in Harper's Canada. Apparently we all need a Jew or two. 
Caplan is ranting about Harper's "torrid love affair" with all things Jewish and explains in some detail the government's interference at Rights and Democracy (as described in numerous posts by Dawg) and then goes on to to explain a new program that Harper is supposedly planning to get more jobs for Jews in the public service,
This a great article. According to Caplan, since you really can't go around asking a person's religion, Harper will have to instigate urinal patrols to take a head count, so to speak of the existing government. employees. LOL
So I'm thinking that as a struggling business person, we could use a Jew in our office, especially if the government is going to start doling out some cash or corporate tax credits and the like. Hell we have three semi christians, one an original descendant of th…