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Appearing more manly today

Weathering forty five years of elementary, over exposure and the slippery slope fallacy of sweat drenched head bands being capable of preventing a saltine, reddening, outlook of life, I have accepted that I am bald. 
Memories of a longer haired coiffure, offer little more than vague flashes backing up my fading recollections of a hipper time. No, I wear my baldness every day, and although it does not define me it is part of whom I am and after forty five years I have come to resent the daily jocular shavings of the follicular fraudsters and the abduction of baldness, beauty by the part time cancer crowd. 
All of which might explain why today, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the results of a new study by Albert Mannes, PhD of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Bald men appear stronger and more manly.And some days an appearance is good enough.
h/t The Toronto Star.