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Hey CC we have more fish

Being constantly harassed by libelous attacks on your personal and professional reputation, to the point of litigation, will certainly take a toll on you. Speaking from experience the suit and pending judgement becomes a constant irritant, consuming too much of the time reserved for creative thought processes.

So congratulations on the outcome and the fact that the judgement is in.

Sadly though, the sweet taste and personal redemption in receiving a favorable and in your case, sizable judgement, never seems to last as long as expected.

Although the rest of us will be certainly enjoying the result for a while to come.

So when the glow of redemption starts to fade, come back from hiatus, we have more fish.

Why James Coyne at 100 years old is back in the news

Forty-nine years ago James Coyne at the young age of 51, (at least young for Mr. Coyne), was the Governor of the Bank of Canada.
It was 1961 and the Diefenbaker government decided that Coyne had crossed the line by criticizing their financial performance, so they passed a bill declaring his position was vacant.
However the Liberal controlled senate rejected the bill and for the first time in our history, the unelected senate outright killed a bill that was passed by the elected representatives of the house of commons.
Disgracefully, today was the second time.

Lest our government forgets

Honor the fallen, care for the wounded, and support those who serve. Bring all our troops home in July. Their mission is complete.

Chairman Harpers politburo in action

As impolitical suggested this morning ...

Imagine anonymous government agents, working from the ruling parties riding offices across the country, clandestinely lining up support for forthcoming government policies.

Coercing through lies and falsehoods reputable and imaginary citizen groups and associations into releasing bogus press releases in support of government ideology.

We now know what the remote offices of the PMO are up to.

Inglorious Bastards

Kind of tired of reading how Jim Prentice was somehow an ethical Reformatory minister. It reminds me of how we looked at Colin Powell a couple of years ago. The ethical good soldier who then goes out and lies to the world.
Prentice’s biggest accomplishment at Industry Canada was getting his staff to reedit his Wikipedia entry to hide the proposed changes to copyright laws.
As our so called environment minister he was nothing more than a salesman for the oil industry and an apologist for the tar sands. Prentice could not say the word environment without adding the word safe energy supply to the sentence or press release.
I do not blame CIBC for offering him the multi-million dollar salesman’s job, the oil contacts on Jim’s blackberry, alone, could be worth a bundle for CIBC. Nor do I resent Jim for taking the job, that is what opportunistic, failed politicians do. 
But just a reminder Jim, your influence over those contacts typically lasts 18 months, so make sure your contract is front end…

A nation of shop keeper

Can anyone explain to me why Harper, Towes, Olivia Chow, Joe Volpe and the department of justice all want to change the Criminal Code because one shop keeper had his rights abused by over zealous Toronto cops and a flawed justice system?

It happens all the time around these parts.

What about the thousands who were harassed throughout the weekend of the G20 police riot, not to mention the 1,000 that were falsely arrested?

Maybe our laws need some fine tuning in their cases also.