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The things I learned from Progressive Bloggers yesterday

Look for muggy, hot, stormy, stagnant and - well - nasty, lots of nasty.
Latin Americans should beware of the emergence of Ugly Canadians promoting the Trudeau Doctrine.
Donald Trump is a clear and present danger. But he needs to be understood.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer used every question they had to try to batter the government on this scandal but honestly failed to land a single blow or draw new details out.
Mr. Scheer seems to be someone who doesn’t quite grasp the historical political antecedents of the folks he keeps telling us are just ordinary working Canadians who want a pipeline or two, are worried about sinister United Nations plots, and, by the way, happen to blame immigrants for all their economic troubles and want the prime minster tried for treason. 
While other yellow bellies have been spotted calling for Trudeau to be executed.
There are some highly educated types out there whose predictions are beyond dystopian.
Young children are being indoctrinated into the transg…