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Dear Progressives Bloggers Admin

How is the Warren Kinsella blog considered a Progressive Blogger?

They runs ads for Doug Ford. They ran ads for the conservatives the last time Harper ran.

They continue to promote the SNC bullshit.

Get them off this aggregator. Thank you.
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OMG Doug Ford is right

Gas in Mississauga is up to $1.18 a litre today and I had to pay an extra $3.50 to fill my 75 litre,  eight cylinder, 2011 Ford Crown Vic, ex-OPP patrol car, gas tank.

Damn you Justin, Damn you.

Wait a minute, it was the same price two weeks ago. 

Never mind.

The Conservative War Room for Hire has been reassigned

Apparently the Conservative War Room for Hire has been reassigned from pushing the #LAVSCAM bullshit to putting out a self inflicted fire caused by Chuckles, welcoming the Yellow Jacketed racists from Alberta to Parliament Hill. The Conservative's close relationship with White Nationalism has been a smouldering fire for many, many years.
Similarly to the effect of Climate Change on the world's remaining forests, where a smouldering under brush fire can quickly change into a full apocalyptic, inferno, the New Zealand white nationalist's attack on Muslims can wake up Canadians to our own White Nationalism problem.
Of course the way the Conservative party will go after White Nationalism will be to set their attack dog on Maxime Bernier and his People's Party of Canada.
After all conservative voters in Canada should have a choice between which type of racists they want to follow.

At least you get kissed

When my dad got into arguments and sometimes fist fights with passengers on his bus, the bosses at the TTC would try to suspend him. The union would back my dad and the TTC would back off. My dad was a union man, a bit feisty and always voted for the NDP. 
“The Conservatives worked for the companies”, he would say. “The people always get screwed when the Conservatives are in power.” The Liberals in his opinion were sneaky. They worked for the bosses too, but they always gave you something before they would show their true colours. He’d say ‘if the Liberals are in, at least you’ll get kissed before you get fucked”.

I can finally smoke pot, legally in Canada. Thank you Justin.

The things I learned from Progressive Bloggers yesterday

Look for muggy, hot, stormy, stagnant and - well - nasty, lots of nasty.
Latin Americans should beware of the emergence of Ugly Canadians promoting the Trudeau Doctrine.
Donald Trump is a clear and present danger. But he needs to be understood.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer used every question they had to try to batter the government on this scandal but honestly failed to land a single blow or draw new details out.
Mr. Scheer seems to be someone who doesn’t quite grasp the historical political antecedents of the folks he keeps telling us are just ordinary working Canadians who want a pipeline or two, are worried about sinister United Nations plots, and, by the way, happen to blame immigrants for all their economic troubles and want the prime minster tried for treason. 
While other yellow bellies have been spotted calling for Trudeau to be executed.
There are some highly educated types out there whose predictions are beyond dystopian.
Young children are being indoctrinated into the transg…

Melancholia for the rest of yah

I drew "The Legacy" a while back when Stephen Harper, our former prime minister, the one that hid in a closet when we were attacked, decided to make Canada a petrol state and merged the Ministry of Environment with the Ministry of Natural Resources.
For my American friends Harper was a Prime Minister, sort of a cross between Bush and Trump, an evangelical who didn't tweet.  With humanity only having 82 years left, if we continue to do nothing about reducing the burning of fossil fuels, consider it a story of hope that some of us will survive into the next century. You can now find more of my fun pics, gifs and movies at the newly designed

Things that piss me off, today

Government Negotiations
Do you think that it might have been wiser to wait for the federal court decision on the legality of the approval process used by the National Energy Board when giving the go ahead for expansion of the Kinder Morgan bitumen pipeline, before spending 9 billion plus dollars on what was originally purchased for 110 million dollars by Kinder Morgan, ten years ago?
Considering that we all knew that Harper’s National Energy Board was nothing more than a corrupt industry rubber stamp. Isn’t that one of the many reasons we got rid of Harper, including of course hiding in a closet when we were attacked (in case anyone forgot)?
Somehow I am now supposed to be confident that our government can successfully renegotiate NAFTA with the Orange Asshole.
Jesus I’m sounding like a conservative.
Dating Apps
My son has become a player, in his dad’s mind. He has three different dating apps that apparently are for daters wanting three different types of dates. He showed me one app in…