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Yesterday is gone

I don't even want to talk about this. You know, it just seems like one of those things. Adding anger to a broken heart is all that it might bring. But it is time to focus on the future and leave the past behind. So let's talk about tomorrow, because yesterday is gone.

I was seventeen until I was thirty, and thirty-three until forty-two. I was fifty-five until I was sixty, now I'm aging daily, just like you. You might have clung to your past also, marking decades with your songs, or maybe your achievements or something that went wrong. But this is not about our ages, we are all now, in the same place. Has our identity been stolen or are there just some hard facts we have to face?

Have we really been paying attention, or did we let the politicians lull us asleep. Times always seem much harder, when there is so much more stuff you want to keep. But our economy is broken and our debt continues to rise. Running faster on the treadmill, will not save our lives. Sadly I speak as …