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Harper puts his sweater vest on, one arm hole at a time, same as any ideologue

When the chickens come to roost, the shit usually hits the fan

Ritz is just the fall guy. Its Harpers ideology that is the threat.

The pathos of apathy over ideology

RIP Paul Newman 1925 to 2008

US political humor on steroids

Globe announces Harpers imaginary oil embargo to imaginary countries

Well its alright even if your insides out

This is just way too convenient

If you grew up in Halifax you grew up in a different culture than Lee Richardson

The emperor has no clothes

Methinks Mr Harper is hiding something

Im loosing some confidence here Mr. Flaherty

Canada’s largest marijuana infestation of a cornfield found in Ontario

Deliverance or why Harper needs to take a time out

Flaherty was on TV yesterday, making things up

There goes a good idea up in smoke

Apparently in Harper’s Canada criminals don’t use rifles

In Harpers Canada artists will have to jump hurdles

Baird must be in trouble as he gets the first preplanned spending plum

Hey did you hear the one about Harpers new deregulation plan it's a killer

Mr Harper what do you have against this innocent Canadian stranded in Sudan

Apparently Harper doesn't read his own governments economic reports

The National Post does free Tory advertising

Unfortunately for the Liberals, their strength in just sitting on the bench

In the end I only have one vote and this year it might actually count

Remembering Harpers response to 911

Converting one voter at a time

Deregulated finger pointing at Maple Leaf

Well thank you Mr Stelmach, Exxon appreciates your efforts

The Tories start off the election lying, which I guess is fitting

Harper’s new rules allowed Listeria to go undetected on the cutting blades at Maple Leaf


Look for Tory in your riding this week, they'll be the ones spending money

Heres some video to counter the Tory pre-election ads

Tories have expanded self regulation to airline safety