Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sheriff Day rode back into town on Sunday and opened fire on the mayor

A handgun ban isn't the answer to Toronto's gun violence.
If you want to see gun crime reduced you've got to go after the criminals.
A ban would divert limited police resources by going after innocent firearm owners.
The Conservatives are working to fight gun crime.
We want to go after the people involved in the smuggling.
We say this is the way to see gun crime reduced.
Luckily most of the platitudes were off their mark and missed Mayor Miller.

Meanwhile the city has just gone through another weekend of gun violence, that started with a double murder Thursday night and three more shooting by Sunday morning resulting in another man being killed and four people being injured.

Unfortunately for us city folk, when it comes to gun safety Day is all hat and no cattle.

From the Toronto Sun here.

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