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Bob Dechert MP Mississauga is out to protect the duck hunters

My assumption is that Bob, our conservative MP is out to protect all the Mississauga, duck hunters. I mean $60 for a long gun license is outrageous.
Despite the fact that the Peel Regional Police Force claims to use the registry everyday to supposedly protect themselves and possibly citizens when answering a marital dispute call and the like. Ignoring  the fact that you require a license for almost everything else in Mississauga, a drivers license, a license plate, a license for your dog, your cat and even a license to cut down a fucking tree, Bob has decided to protect the Erin Mills, Mississauga duck hunters and not the rest of us.
Unfortunately I am being forced to assume that is Bob’s reasoning, since he has nothing about the long gun registry or strangely duck hunters on his web site and both Bob and his polite assistant have refused to answer my email questioning his intentions regarding the forthcoming vote.
Oh I got a email reply back in June that started off with Thank you for p…

Harpers bridge to nowhere

No matter how many scripts the PMO hands Fife or how many stories Kory, just plain makes up, the majority of Canadians are now recognizing the narrow ideological base that Harper and his party represents.

Unfortunately Steve, you are stuck with the posse that you rode in with. The obnoxious attack dogs, the crazy evangelicals, old politicos promoted beyond their level of competency, some western supremacists and of course Polli the part-time, psychic, puffer.

 Quite an entourage, Steve.

Or at least that is what I think FFIB is saying below...

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Tickle Me Economics

Tickle Me Economics (TME) is the creation of economic policies designed to placate the masses, gain their approval and avoid revealing the failure of previous policies or long term plans.
It was first used by the current Canadian Department of Finance, a division of the PMO in the fall of 2008 and should not be confused with Tickle Me Elmo, a children’s toy from Tyco-Preschool, a division of Tyco Toys that was introduced in the United States in 1996.
One of the key principles of TME is to always place the popularity of the current government in the forefront, gaining as much political capital as possible and when necessary deflect any negative responses by either blaming past governments or uncontrollable forces from outside of the country.
The success or failure of TME cannot be measured in economic terms, due to the timeline required for such measurement (i.e. number of sustainable full time jobs created, long term result of deficit spending, future cuts to social services etc.). Inste…

When the Politburo frowns

CNEWS reports that the PMO is extremely disappointed that federal funds went to a theatre festival that will stage a play, the subject of which they disagree with.
From the article:
The reaction from the PMO has some in the arts community nervous that Frid's play will become an excuse for more cuts to arts groups by the Conservative government. Excuse me, we are talking about office staff here, not our Minister who is in charge of arts funding, nor our Prime Minister in hiding, but unknown, unelected, unaccountable, office staff. Great, Canada now has a Politburo.

Struggling to maintain my drug induced realities while watching the Matrix

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.
Smoke under water, stops the fire in your eyes... Or so sang a fellow traveller who then was always too paranoid to walk the streets, for fear of being busted by his pupils. Reading the lyrics decades later, he felt less foolish, than angered for all that had been missed by his now permanently ingrained paranoid reality.
That system is our enemy. But when you are inside, you look around...
I used a browser for the first time in 1993 and the tech that was explaining it to me said, "Go, type in anything you want, you now have, the collected history of humankind at you fingertips, at least up until 1972". He then walked away.

I didn't think much about his statement at that time, I was more interested in typing Lincoln at Gettysburg and low and behold I got this image, directly from the Smithsonian site. There wasn't Google Images back then.

Unfortunately, what impressed me that day, was that within four clicks starting …