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Saturday Afternoon Commercials

Saturday Morning Funnies

Night Music with the Band

Alberta’s Legally Blonde Finance Minister to share oil funds with Ontario

Scott McClellan is acting like he's at Nuremburg

Hey, Tony when you sleep with the hogs...

100th Post, Whoopie, Yahoo, Woot, Woot...

This could be Steve's longest, three day, short, trip yet

Ironically, it took some insight to keep INSITE open

The two best things that happened this week

Emerson's secret plan to fight crime one iPod at a time

Talk about timing, this is a Stats Can Report worth reading

Galen Weston, hire this kid

Here's some Laugh In for Dick Martin

Harper to teach Europeans about climate change

Countdown: Clinton you invoked a nightmare

Come on Steve, buy my vote too or at least try

Willie the Pimp

Why the proposed labeling law is a red herring

Brodie booted

Definitely not a good day, Steve

CNN talking head implies Hillary is a bitch

Big sigh of relief for Harper

Now, how does that grab you

Video: Microsoft's Ballmer pelted with eggs

You see Pierre, boys have penises and girls have vaginas

Ending the weekend listening to music from Steve's no fly list

Bizarro weekend: US protects their environment from Canadian Mining company, Canada tells Europeans don't worry about environment drill here

It's a scary world if you are a conservative or an evangelical wingnut

Texan with HIV gets 35 years for spitting on police

The New Canadian Victoria Cross

Some electric music for the mind

If it takes a mascot to start cleaning up the tar sands, so be it.

God, Guns & Gall made Canada. Let's keep all three.

Catholic Church attempts to widen it's base

Einstein wasn't so smart, I figured out the God thing when I was ten

Dallaire vs Kenney, one has a pair, the other is shaped like one

Industry Minister in trouble: forgets to blame Liberals for gas pumps

Why Thursday's Polar Bear decision is important to all of us

Just mother videos

Does this now mean that Harper's threats to sue constitutes the same conflict?

A test for the Unrepentant Old Ones

Steve teaches McVety a lesson

Steve, your fascism is starting to show here