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The rot in Wisconsin continues

As a followup to the my earlier post about a Wisconsin Federal Judge declaring that the legislation  passed by Governor Walker and his sultry crew of union bashing tea baggers was unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin has now overturned that ruling and the laws stand.

As The Progressive, who continue to follow the goings on in Wisconsin reports, Wisconsin is now a one party state with the Governor, the legislature and now the courts being controlled by the ruthless, anti-democratic state republican party.

The only hope that remains for the citizens of Wisconsin is a law suit filed by the labour unions.

I miss my ITV

There is something missing in my TV schedule.

The programing is the same but I no longer get that old rush of adrenalin about the 10 and 20 minute marks. It all seems so bland now.

CTV News, hockey night in Canada or reruns of The Big Bang Theory no longer cause my blood pressure to rise. I think that I am suffering from AIAWS and who could blame me, after four years of constant infusion.

Oh and there was a budget

Just read two reviews of the cons budget, one by impolitical (LPC) and one from Accidental Deliberations (NDP) and I am sure there are many more out there. Didn't learn much about the budget, but we already knew what was going to be in it since March anyway. Of course with the addition of a few election promises that Harper had to make.

However what struck me was, that more time was spent comparing the NDP & LPC leaders or their responses than the actual budget itself. Our LPC guys line was used as the headline by the media, not yours. Or from the NDP blogger, a continuation of the electioneering attacks on the performance of the LPC prior to the election.

As an aside it amazes me that before the election, progressive bloggers of all stripes were attacking Harper for taking credit for the work done by Chr├ętien & Martin in reducing the deficit. Then once the election was called the LPC were attacked because Chr├ętien & Martin were now the same as the conservatives for ma…

A good weekend to read your blog list

With PROBLOGS still in its debut state, this weekend I am actually reading the bloggers that I have pasted in my blog list.

Good thing I choose some goods ones.

Of course not posting regularly or being other bloggers lists, no one will actually know that.

My gawd, I am alone in the blogosphere.

Hello, hello is there any out there.