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The March estimates are in.

And why is this man smiling.
March shortfall year over year increases by $2.85 billion

DND increases March spending 55.4% to 3.85 billion

and on the revenue side.

Personal income tax revenue increases 10.5%
Corporate tax revenue declines 8.4%
Oh yeah, that is why he is smiling.

A night of one liners

The hardest part about getting back on line is actually giving a shit about what this government says or does at any moment in time. At night, reading my news feeds I sound like Randy Travis screaming I told you so, I told you so. Well the screaming part sounds more like Carrie Underwood, but you get the idea.

I am no young man, but take Tony Clement, for instance, no please somebody take him, because I can’t anymore. Deciding that the misappropriation of G8 security funds by Harper’s president of the Treasury Board is no longer a problem, (and think about that sentence for a minute), the PMO sent him out to an Alberta chamber of commerce meeting this week, to create one liner counter points to Mulclair’s excellent rant about the negative effects of our over priced petrodollar on our manufacturing and exporting sectors.

Of course the PMO through Tony claim that this was a reckless and irresponsible ideology and it is bad for Alberta, bad, for Ontario and bad for Canada.

To prove tha…

Classifying the unemployed

Because we have do something, McDonalds is importing temporary workers and there are unemployed Canadians that could be flipping those burgers. So to fix the problem, the Harper regime will reclassify the unemployed or so Kady reports from Diane Finley’s news conference this morning.

The new classifications set out the period of time that a claimant can refuse a job offer that pays less than they were making before and eventually I assume they will have to fill that job at McDonalds.

You can call me Al

Seriously, I usually revel in my depressions and what would you expect from someone who names their blog after an old suicidal salesman. However, the way things have been stacking up this year, the first of my golden years of forced retirement, I should rename this place Just Another Gnossos Pappadopoulis.

Some have urged me to talk to my doctor and get some pills, but I have real, not imagined reasons to be depressed and unfortunately I am just going to have to live with them. Besides my doctor looked terrified when I told him last November that I had a heart attack under his watch and I don't think he could handle this situation any better.

So instead I've decided to make some changes around the place. Cleaned up the layouts, restored my blog lists, moved the FFIBS site to the new progressive blogging aggregate, and I've stepped out from the anonymity of being a fictional blogger. Hello my name is Al Hayward.

There was comfort in being an anonymous blogger or in my case…