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You can call me Al

Seriously, I usually revel in my depressions and what would you expect from someone who names their blog after an old suicidal salesman. However, the way things have been stacking up this year, the first of my golden years of forced retirement, I should rename this place Just Another Gnossos Pappadopoulis.

Some have urged me to talk to my doctor and get some pills, but I have real, not imagined reasons to be depressed and unfortunately I am just going to have to live with them. Besides my doctor looked terrified when I told him last November that I had a heart attack under his watch and I don't think he could handle this situation any better.

So instead I've decided to make some changes around the place. Cleaned up the layouts, restored my blog lists, moved the FFIBS site to the new progressive blogging aggregate, and I've stepped out from the anonymity of being a fictional blogger. Hello my name is Al Hayward.

There was comfort in being an anonymous blogger or in my case two anonymous bloggers. Anonymity allowed you to post things like...
Harper a deranged fanatic, whose unrealistic view of Canadian society took root in the 70's, after a traumatic trip out west, where in a truck stop washroom, he was raped by five undercover mounties posing as hippies.
and the mindless Canadians who support this asshole couldn't find you. Not that that I posted such statements as Willy and nor would I do so now, but I'm just saying that you could do that type of thing when you were anonymous.

Now as Al Hayward, I would have to get statements from one or more of the probably now high ranking mounties that the event actually happened. No it would be next to impossible to prove that Harper was butt fucked by mounties posing to be hippies in the seventies. But I do know from personal experience that there were a lot of undercover mounties pretending to be hippies in the seventies and there was definitely something in Harper's past that has caused him to have such an unrealistic view of Canadian societal values.

Other changes: I'm going commercial. You will see ads on the right hand side and other places around the blogs. Ads for things I do to make a living. I figure what the hell they are no worse than the google ads explaining how to progressively loose 20 lbs. in just three weeks, that appear in between the posts on the pages of other progressive bloggers. Hey, if you are a blogger that is into advertising revenue, I am paying a cent a hit, with some caveats.

So here goes, attempt number four to transcend the bull shit.


Kevin Wood said…
Welcome back to the fray Al, fourth tme's a charm!
Hey Amigo. About that heart attack thing, I can tell you that depression afterward is beyond natural, it's almost inevitable. It takes time to work through it but that's what it takes - time and work. But it sounds like you're firmly on the right path so now it's a matter of time.

Now, please, enough of the mental images of Harper getting ass-raped by primates in Mounty suits.
fern hill said…
Good to see you back, Willy, er, Al.

JJ said…
Hey Al
First let me extend my congrats on your return and renos to the blog -- I've always liked the white-on-gray look, it's classy. You're a great writer, and I look forward to seeing more from you.

Secondly, as someone who is often In The Jaws of the Black Dog, you have my heartfelt empathy re the depression issue. Once you get stuck in that downward spiral its hard to get out -- but what pharmaceuticals can't achieve, talking sometimes can. If you feel like it, don't hesitate: unrepentantoldhippie at yahoo dot ca or unrepentantoldhippie at gmail dot com.

Welcome back. And oh yeah


PS I seem to be having some trouble posting a comment -- if there's a hiccup and my comment comes up multiple times, please delete the extra ones. Thx :p
Beijing York said…
Welcome back, Al!

I like the new look and love your writing.

As for Harper, I too wonder what past personal atrocity poisoned his worldview.
Happy Loman said…
Hey I like the new layout. Now get out of the Starbucks and enjoy the day.
WILLY said…
Thanks guys:)

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