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Stay away from the brown acid

Wow ever since the wave l'orange hit the belle province (my high school French always fails me) it has been looney tunes around these parts.

We've seen posts where some young lib bloggers have turned into blogging torries in their attacks on the ndp and some young dipper bloggers have been predicting a NDP majority with daily updates on the number of seats.

Even some of the old pros, the presumably nonpartisan scribes, since they are not carrying party flags, the guys I turn to when I'm looking for the voice of reason and the wisdom of experience, are not escaping unscathed.

Some of these bards of progressive poetic justice, the backbone of the joint, have turned into rabid dippers, rapidly knee jerking out responses to imagined Jack attacks. Eventual Mea culpa aside, it is quite disparaging for someone who doesn't care if Jack, or Iggy get the nod, just as long as Harper is gone.

Ignore Harpers Voter Suppression tactics

Do not believe the bullshit that the conservatives can no longer get a majority.

Our country is still in danger.

This was more brilliantly explained, earlier today by DAMMIT JANET, so if we want to avoid the big step to the right, go to their post here and then get out the vote.

I would also suggest that you should vote smartly and place it for the candidate that has the best chance to drive a stake through the heart of these assholes, but then again, I am a strategically focused ABCer.

Orange wave hits Mississauga

Mississauga Willy reporting in.

For those of you who are not familiar with the political landscape of Hazels hideaway, here is the history. Mississauga has four ridings and for the most part, or at least while I have lived here they have been predominantly red, with a tinge of blue provincially, when Harris took over.

In 2008 the city got hit with Harpers blue wave and one seat fell to a conservative candidate, for a lack of a better word. Close but it fell.

According to Democracy Watch, you know the strategic voting guys, at the outset of the election there were two Mississauga ridings in play, where vote splitting would let the Conservatives hold on to one very closely contested riding, Mississauga Erindale and gain one seat in Mississauga South.

They have been adding the fluctuating poll results and the projections have been moving up and down for each riding based on the daily results from two pollsters (EKOS and NANOS) and it has been close.

The Orange wave started to take perma…

Voting with my heart

Give it a rest Dippers, your partisanship has become even more obnoxious than the Libs around these parts for the last week and half.

Now, strategic voting is considered a Lib/Con plot to hold back the NDP.

Excuse me, there are 45 ridings that are in play, where a split vote between lib, ndp and green will give Harper the seat. In some cases we can prevent him from gaining the seat and in others we can take a seat way from him. In some seats the NDP candidate can win if the Liberal and Green voters suck it up and vote NDP. In others the NDP and Green voters need to suck it up.

I live in one of those ridings, every vote that the Green and NDP voter holds back from the Liberal candidate in this election in my riding will help the conservative hang on to the seat. The differences between the con and the lib has been 300 votes in the last two elections. The NDP and Green votes combined equal less that 12 percent of votes cast for the last 2 elections.

Get it, neither the NDP candidate, n…

Vote ABC

Taking Cathie's lead I too have just added the Project Democracy widget to the sidebar.

I live in a Key Contest riding of Miossissauga, Erindale:

This is a swing riding that Conservative Bob Dechert took by just under 400 votes in 2008. Former MP Omar Alghabra is running again and when he won last, he won by 328 votes.

The NDP and Greens received over 8,000 votes combined in Mississauga-Erindale, but neither have a chance of winning. This is tragic vote splitting causing a retrograde Conservative candidate to win. Liberal Omar Alghabra stand the best chance to unseat the Conservative.
If you live here and want rid of Harper, all NDP & Greens should vote Liberal.

You probably know how your riding sits, but enter the postal code for your cousins, your co-workers, all the non politcos that you know, and then let them know what the effect of their vote will be. Feel free to piss off everyone you know, this election is that important.

Thank you this a non sponsored message from an A…

My exconservative colleague sent me this

An oldie but goodie he said. Apparently he is voting NDP this time out. I guess he missed the point of the evideo or it is just too much to ask:)

Canadian youth can own this election

For the last five years, the Harper conservative party has spent millions of dollars attacking the leaders of the opposition parties, with vicious, exaggerated, and fabricated, personal attack ads.

Please allow me to repeat this.

With all the priorities over the last five years, that any government in the G7 should be concentrating on, the Harper conservative party has spent millions of dollars attacking the leaders of the opposition parties, with vicious, exaggerated, and fabricated, personal attack ads.

Millions of dollars, not collected from the twenty to one hundred dollar, heart felt, donations from the 5 million or so, true believers in conservative policies, but from corporations, oil companies, pipeline companies, banks, Canada’s fortune 100, many of whom are no more than foreign owned subsidies.

Corporations, each funneling up to $186,000 a year, through nonprofit, right wing think tanks. Funds to be used for advertising as per Election Canada Rules. Funneled through outfi…

Where is a god when you need one

Because if there was one handy, Stockwell Day would spend his after life rotting in hell.

This former evangelical minister, ex-leader of the reform party and now retiring ex-menial, minister, is now considered the calming, honest voice for the contemptuous Harper government. Last night on Strombo, (video below) Day lied his ass off, in trying to explain one of the most corrupt acts that this excuse for a government has pulled off in four years.

On the morning of their last day in power, on the day that they knew they were going to be found in Contempt of Parliament, Harper’s government offered an opposing report on the G8/G20 spending spree. An opinion that went against the majority of our representatives and a constructed opinion that included a quote from the Auditor General that claimed, they the Harper government used sound processes in spending $1.2 billion of our money and that these funds were spent as intended.

Forgetting, for a just a moment that these funds included up to $5…

For all the reformers out there

Analysis of Hubris, the movie

Before YouTube, MTV, hell before almost everything for a great many people, many of us late night folk would wait until the airways cleared from the powerful AM stations and tuned into the new, fledgling, local FM radio stations, CHOM in Montreal and I think something sounding similar in Vancouver and Dave Pritchard on Chum FM in Toronto. It was the only time and the only place that we could hear our music. The audio was limited to small stereo receivers and the visuals were self prescribed.

But then for a brief moment in time, Reiner Schwarz talked a TV station into giving him a half hour devoted to night music and Reiner mixed it up good. Classical, jazz and our music played while the camera zoomed in and panned out on sections of amazing paintings and cool photographs, with Reiner rambling on, between sets. The show didn't last long and maybe it was just experiment, but it had a lasting effect on me. Of course back in those days most things did.

Anyway, this is my tribute to Re…

Apparently conservative MP Bob Dechert is smiling

According to the Mississauga News last week, Bob Dechert conservative MP for Mississauga Erin Mills is smiling because the NDP nominee and candidate from the last election bailed out one day before declaring his candidacy. Not only did the ex-nominee leave his party high and dry, he declared that he was now planning to help Mr. Harper get a majority.
It seems obvious that the ex-candidate is an ambitious young man and one would now, have to question his motives for running as an NDP candidate during the last election. The NDP garnered 4,774 votes or 8.5% in 2008 and the Liberal incumbent, Omar Alghabra who garnered 42.0%, lost his seat to the now smiling Bob by 397 votes.
The NDP quickly filled the unexpected vacancy with a very capable candidate, one would assume, but the bottom line is that NDP will never win this riding or come close and if we want to replace smiling Bob and his equalling arrogant leader, Mississauga Erin Mills NDP supporters should vote for Omar this time out.
Just t…