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Stay away from the brown acid

Wow ever since the wave l'orange hit the belle province (my high school French always fails me) it has been looney tunes around these parts.

We've seen posts where some young lib bloggers have turned into blogging torries in their attacks on the ndp and some young dipper bloggers have been predicting a NDP majority with daily updates on the number of seats.

Even some of the old pros, the presumably nonpartisan scribes, since they are not carrying party flags, the guys I turn to when I'm looking for the voice of reason and the wisdom of experience, are not escaping unscathed.

Some of these bards of progressive poetic justice, the backbone of the joint, have turned into rabid dippers, rapidly knee jerking out responses to imagined Jack attacks. Eventual Mea culpa aside, it is quite disparaging for someone who doesn't care if Jack, or Iggy get the nod, just as long as Harper is gone.

Speaking of Jack attacks the last one was total sleaze, but look where it came from. As for Iggy, I am surprised he is still standing. Never before has this much money been spent to attack one individual's character. One blogger quoted the tab to be 37 million in conservative attack ads for the last three years. I don't know if that is true, but certainly it was in the seven figure range.

Unfortunately this is Harper's Canada, contemptuous of rivals, contemptuous of parliamentary process and still to this day, contemptuous of the country itself.

I am beyond pleading with readers to vote smart. If you do not know who you are voting for by now, you are not going to vote anyway. I just look forward to the day I no longer have use Harpers Canada as the category of a post.

All that aside, I wish I could get as excited about a political party as most others seem to be, especially the joyous dippers this time around, but sadly it is not in me. Hell if Harper wasn't such a prick, I probably would not have started blogging or be bothered to vote. The cross that an ABCer has to bear I guess.

Meanwhile over a DAMMIT JANET they are either searching for Harpers lost goat or they are trying to get him a new one. Now that is what I call true nonpartisanship, you go girls.


Beijing York said…
I sure hope for two things to happen come Monday:

(A) 70% of voters who do NOT support or even respect Harper to cast their vote; and

(B) make their votes count in either protecting a non-CONservative incumbent or unseating a CONservative incumbent.

What I don't want to see is confused, fractured voting that gives Harper more seats. Frankly, that is the only way he's going to manage to increase his share of seats because he has completely mothballed his "kind and compassionate" sweater vest this time around.

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