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Poppy Day will never be the same in Canada

For the first time since I was a little kid when my mother sewed one on my coat, about sixty years or so ago, I will not be wearing a poppy this year. You see, I’m more of a purist when it comes to November 11th. You know the make love not war type who was taught to believe we are supposed to be celebrating the end of war and remembering the lives that were lost.

Earth will not be moved on our watch, Canada enters the war

Back in early October the Guardian reported that British jets bombed an ISIS pickup truck, complete with pictures.

Well move over Brits, the Canucks have landed, well actually took off, refueled in the air, bombed and then landed.

Yes sir, two of our CF-18s refilled their fuel tanks (cost $10,000+) and dropped four of our GBU-12 500 lb. laser guided bombs (cost $108,000) destroying five ISIS bulldozers and one ISIS dump truck.

ISIS will not be building any obstructions and berms on our watch.