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Possibly clearer images of break-n suspect

Appears to be late twenties to early thirties, sporting a mustache, beard, wearing glasses, possibly patterned Bahama Joe type shirt and a wide watch band.

Caption Contest, a natural evolution of political communication

The inspiration for many of the doodles over at ffibs, come from the propaganda distributed by the PMO. Five years ago the Harper government started limiting access to Harper, reducing the number of questions that could be asked and controlling which pictures would released to the public, by barring photographers access to events, in an attempt I would assume, to conceal, his aversion to white hats, his goofy smile or other unflattering images.
For the past five years we have only seen posed, staged, choreographed, images of Harper, that his boys in short pants believed best reflected the message that they wanted to project. Described as "a natural evolution of political communication", a PMO minion back in 2009 stated "that the practice [of producing their own] pictures is intended to supplement the supply of images available for media as well as bloggers."
 And for that I want to personally thank them, as I have had enjoyed many hours of entertainment sca…

August 6th a bad day for pareidolia

Today, when I looked up at the clouds, I kept seeing the mangled, bodies of dead children and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't tell if they were from Auschwitz, Gaza or Hiroshima.