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Dear Progressives Bloggers Admin

How is the Warren Kinsella blog considered a Progressive Blogger?

They runs ads for Doug Ford. They ran ads for the conservatives the last time Harper ran.

They continue to promote the SNC bullshit.

Get them off this aggregator. Thank you.


Scott Tribe said…
Hi Willy:

With respect - This is not Liberal Blogs: Its Progressive Bloggers.

If I were to have kicked off every blogger or blog critical of Liberals all the time this aggregator has been in existence, there'd barely be any blogs left. (and note that I'm a fairly well known Liberal Blog/blogger holding this view).

A look at the Prgo Blog entries over the past little while shows a variety of posts attacking the Liberals on SNC and other issues.. in otherwards, it shows a lot of anti-Liberal blogs. I'm not about to kick them off.

I get Warren is a bit of a lightning rod.. but he's entitled to his opinion on the Liberals as is every one else on the aggregate.


That's not to say, Willy, that a degree of pushback isn't in order. I attempted just that yesterday with a post, "This is Starting to Turn Downright Fenian."

What I find curious is how some of our more vitriolic, pro-JT bloggers refrain from calling out Kinsella.
WILLY said…
Dear Scott,

With Respect - I'm not a Liberal and don't really object to criticism about Liberals or NDP or Green for that matter. I do object to promoting the conservative parties of Canada and the conservative taking points on Progressive Bloggers for a fee. Surely this is not progressive.

As Warren has told me in the past, his site is not an opinion blog, it is his business site. His customers happen to be the conservative parties.

Not sure how that fits on Progressive Bloggers.

Anonymous said…
Agreed 100%.
Most of this is political stick-handling with a so-called pundit pretending that a racist pile of (fill in your thoughts here) is worthy of leading Canada.
Even Harper kept his distance from the extremists.
He is definitely not 'progressive' by any sense of the word.
Anonymous said…
I also wonder why Warren Kinsella is considered a progressive blogger. I have read postings in favor of Doug Ford and recently he presented the view that Andrew Sheer looked like a prime minister. If he is collecting money from the conservatives for promoting conservative viewpoints why is he here?
Anton said…
Thank you Willy for bringing up this issue.

He's a paid shill for Conservatives.

Mr. Kinsella's got to go!

Anonymous said…
Kinsella has taken over Progressive Bloggers to such a degree that it should be known as Kinsella Bloggers. His hatred for Trudeau is so extreme it’s practically hate literature. But then the Disaffected Liberal has been doing that for years and he’s still there. One can only wonder how many readers or would be bloggers are being turned off and now avoid PB, but that’s impossible to prove. I’m sure Willy speaks for many, but I’m afraid it won’t do any good. Maybe the only solution is to start another aggregator.
brawnfire said…
Just so you know, I, too, am one of those, who's been suffering in silence, wondering what the heck he's doing here. (as a progressive)
He's made himself so hateful I must OMIT even referencing his name; hence, kind of impossible for me to call out. :)
I refuse to read his posts but can't miss the nasty bits that I skip.
The little bits that show up on the aggregate are a disgrace.
Where's the progressive posts? Every title he posts belongs on a Con's playlist-- WK, greatest HITS. They must love it.
What a TOOL.
Anonymous said…
Mr Tribe:

The one thing that Kinsella does that seems progressive is his anti-racist hunt against Ward News and its ilk. He tackles that with the same Over The Top enthusiasm as all his other projects.

What boggles my mind is that he fails to draw the straight line from the Ward News knuckle-draggers over to the White Men and Women for Canada groups and extremists, whose sects are legion. It's as if there were a block in his mind where logic isn't allowed to enter.

Even that dolt who owns Facebook has banned Faith Goldy. Scheer is so dumb and lacks so much in the way of street smarts he poses with idiots of the Goldy persuasion, as does Doug Ford who knows exactly which dogs bark his tune. From Kinsella not a peep about those "slips" of Cons "leadership". And fresh from being bamboozled and feeling hard-done by and feeling entitled to be even richer, Albertans will soon have a smarmy UCP premier hot to trot spreading Disinfo and anti-progressive tripe.

Over the last few years, Kinsella has informed us that Brad Wall was just a great guy, that Doug Ford was a real man of the people and finally that the quavering Scheer looked prime-ministerial. Such a progressive outlook.

We have beem ill-served by both Conservatives and Liberals, the parties with big money behind them, bought and paid for. These people are about as pro-average citizen as Attilla the Hun. We're used as tax-paying pawns in their never-ending squabbles over fake differences when fundmentally they report back to the same bosses via different routes. A pox on both their houses.

On balance I fail to see much of anything on Kinsella's postings being progressive. Surely the term progressive is somewhat understood even by people on the street - the right wing uses it to bash people who don't agree with them, and the term itself is party-less.

What being progressive has to do with being pro or anti Liberal/Trudeau has nothing to do with the price of tea in China. The Mound of Sound is solidly pro-environmental and if that isn't progressive, what the hell is? But Kinsellasemms purely a political animal except for his one small area of anti-racism, and even a hayseed like me from rural NS can work out that Kinsella and progressive are two mutually incompatible terms.

No sir, that dog don't hunt. ProgBlog waffles like Trudeau, avoiding the real point which is obvious.

Loman is correct.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for speaking out on this.
I'd be OK to have WK tossed from ProgBlogs, especially after reading so many of the comments above.
If you don't toss him, figure out some way to 'side bar' panel just for WK so the constant deluge doesn't shove everyone else off the page.
Also, because he's clearly supporting Scheer, everything else becomes suspect, including his stand on racism. Supporting Scheer is equal to supporting white hate in Canada. Not a stretch.

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