Leave that little girl alone

As far as I am concerned the new MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, is just great and the Cons, Libs and media should fuck off. 
Who cares if she didn’t campaign, or lives 300 km away or that her french is weak, the citizens of Berthier--Maskinongé voted for the NDP and it was her name on the ballot and it will not make any difference in Parliament either. 
If I was Jack I would put all of the kids right up front. Put them in charge of the young dippers, send them all over the country. I’d stick them on the committees, because what difference does it make. We just went through five years with the so-called pros and nothing was resolved by the opposition committee members.
Besides, I can see them laughing at the antics of Baird and company. I know I would and think about the negative fall out when Baird tries his bully tactics on these young people.
Everyone laments about the lack of youth vote, well these young people can change all that. Hell if I was the Liberals I would try and rent them.
And if any of the residents of Berthier--Maskinongé are truly upset, I will gladly offer them a trade for the more experienced conservative MP Bob Dechert, that the foolish people in Mississauga, Erindale re-elected.
He speaks less French that my Ruth (I’m taking her under my wing here), but it really doesn’t matter because he refuses to answer your emails anyway. He has some national notoriety, being featured on a Mercer Report a couple of years back. He was the crying con shouting treason, about the Lib, NDP coalition.
So he really does not know that much about our parliamentary democracy, but who does on that side of the aisle and besides that knowledge no longer necessary.
At least for the next four years.


pogge said…
During the campaign a lot of the journalists (I actually wrote journamalists at first which might tell you where I'm going) were quite happy to write about the polls and the horse race because it's much easier than writing about complicated issues. Now (thank the gods) they don't have two or three new polls every day to write about so they need a new, shiny thing so they can continue to avoid those nasty, complicated issues. The rookie NDP MPs -- and particularly Ruth Ellen Brosseau -- are the new shiny thing. For a lot of them, the fact that it also undermines The Left(tm) is a welcome bonus.
susansmith said…
I wrote similarly. I noticed in the comment section of the Globe that certain Liberal posters were just as ignorant as the Con posters. Moreover, one I know is a female and someone who lives in poverty. So disgusting seeing one economically challenged female do that to her "sister in arms".
WILLY said…
Hi Jan

Many of us are truly pissed about the results of this election and it will take a while. Personally I will never join a political party because of the resulting partisanship.

As for this young woman I hope she performs above everyones expectations.
C4SR said…
I'm happy to (eek: sexist, eek: agist) leave that little girl alone but someone needs to be accountable for running someone who does not speak enough French to do a radio interview in a riding that is 97% Francophone.

Who can I blame?
WILLY said…
Hi pogge

I think this getting young MP s is great. I'd give them some resources, call it the youth caucus. They are all probably social net savvy, make them pop stars and get them into the high schools talking to 14 & 15 y&r olds, who can vote in 4 years,

I truly believe this is good for the country or could be.

Of course I might get nervous if these young dippers ty to the lower the voting age to 14. I could end up like Senator Johnny Fergus in an encampment, tripping on LSD.

Hmm, then again
WILLY said…
Howdy cowboy

Blame Harper. I'm planning to everyday.
Neil said…
I agree. MPs get their mandate from the people. Pundits don't have any place criticizing their collective decision.
WILLY said…
Thanks for dropping by Neil
susansmith said…
Hi Willy,

I may be a member of a political party - the NDP - but more so I am a feminist and a social activist. I recognize when I am being "used" by the old boys network to keep the status quo of the same old same old.

And thanks for commenting back.
Sixth Estate said…
I find it highly amusing that, just a few days after the intelligent-sounding talking heads were telling us that "second place is first loser" and that the NDP's surge was interesting but politically irrelevant, all of a sudden an obscure NDP backbencher is #1 national news fare.

I don't want to downplay fraud, if that's what's happened here, but there's a striking difference between how this issue is being covered and how the ongoing court case of the Conservative money laundering scheme, just for example, is being covered. Or those hoax calls that went out on election day, to name another crime seemingly worthy of investigation.
rww said…
"Who can I blame? "

You can probably blame just about everyone. There probably wasn't a person in the country, including Jack Layton, that thought it mattered who the NDP nominated in most Quebec ridings because they did not have any chance of winning. We all knew that.

We were wrong.
WILLY said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
WILLY said…
6 E & Richard

Well said, I whole heartedly agree with both of you.
WILLY said…

I sort of noticed your party affiliation :)

On the other hand I'm old, not politically affiliated/networked and I guess neither politically correct according to the Cowboy :D

It always amazes me that most of the comments I receive are either more to the intended point of the post or a whole whack more serious in tone.

I really think we all need to lighten up for a while. It might be time to become FFIB again.

Thanks for dropping by

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