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The creative arts community needs to wake up, now.

This is what happens when companies are left in charge of food safety

Lunn and Clement know squat about isotope production

CFIA admits that the new plan doesn't necessarily work as designed

The Tories defense of their new food inspection rules misses the point

Harper’s new meat inspection rules were already in place at the Maple Leaf plant.

Call me a cynic but these look like bright shiny objects to me

A boat load heading to the Arctic

Note to self when drowning in the Niagara River, if rescued report to US customs first

Dysfunctional meetings about dysfunctional governance

Keith Moon would of been 62 today

US Academics fear speaking freely in Canada, at least the one with religious homophobic tendancies

John Lee Hooker would of been 91 today

Tories reveal their ideological approach to... well everything

An environmental plan devised for or by the oil industry

Robert Plant turned 60 today

Oil Sands produces new breed of mutated fish

Tories are shuffling the cards on the fly as they tour Southern Ontario

Harper blew into town last night to talk out of the other side of his mouth

Tony Clement's decisions are based on political science, not the real kind

How Execulink Telecom could cost us universal healthcare

An open reply to the Taliban

Well at least he didn't sleep with the enemy

Woodstock started 39 years ago today

Look out Harper, you just picked a fight with the wrong people

Tories start east coast swing of their cross country Screwed Tour.

A new class of cherry picked, well seasoned immigrants is created

Another example of Gary Lunn's micro management style

I woke up in a new Canada today.

Sadr City, Baghdad's newest gated community

Apparently the lack of fabric justifies fabrication of Gitmo charges

TRUTH is forty years old to day

Exxon delays Kearl tar sands project