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Have a great Canada Day

Steve wishes us "Happy Canada Day" a day early

We're Number 9, We're Number 9

Exxon CEO: The Canadian Government has our backs

Stelmach to tell US "we protected your backs"

Even when lying he was classier than the group we have now.

Reminder: NBC rebroadcasting, George Carlin on the first SNL, tonight.

Dutch extend EU smoking ban to marijuana coffee shops

Message received oil is good for you

The new Greenpeace "Explore Alberta - Travel Video"

Axis of Evil looses another member as Bush wants North Korea taken off terror list

Jerry Seinfeld on George Carlin "Dying Is Hard. Comedy Is Harder"

Harper in Quebec continuing his "you are best" pre-election tour

New ad campaign announced: What’s good for the Tar Sands is good for Canada

Stop using the taser and start shooting them. At least you can remove a bullet.

Looks like Alberta has a sales job to do, however they might need a new pitch

If the Tories are going to try and destroy nine of our lakes this year, here's the first one to save.


Compared to Harper, McCain sounds like the Democratic candidate

Here's the women, that a Tory pissant insulted last week

The 'All Blacks Haka'

With Tories new immigration rules, up becomes down, faster becomes stop

Bush accomplishes mission in Iraq as oil deal is about to be signed.

Tory aides warned: listening to John McCain is like watching Young People F***king

Apparently the only plan Baird, can come up with to meet Kyoto is a tax grab at the pumps

Khadr Report Tabled: Guess who said what.

Cyd Charisse, dancer and actress died today at age 86

Tomorrow, a federal court will examine whether Baird can defy the will of Parliament.

Sheriff Day rode back into town on Sunday and opened fire on the mayor

Unfortunately Steve, in advertising like TV, it's called 'Jumping the Shark'

Daylight Robbery: BBC One Panorama investigates $23 Billion lost, stolen or unaccounted for in Iraq.

Not that he should care, but Paul Martin is quietly earning back my respect.

Brits chasing cheese, a Pig in Boots and a $6,000 Watermelon

Arlo Guthrie's Motorcycle Song for the 30,000 that rode to Port Dover


Day delays Taser Report

It is truly disturbing that this second apology was needed, Pierre.

Mr. Harper, do you agree with the remarks made by Pierre Poilievre yesterday?

John McCain searching for his theme song