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Thank you Ms Doolittle

This powerful woman

Lesbian ball busting house of horrows

Apparently is upsetting to the Toronto Sun
Personally I thought, the manly man, men, at the Toronto Sun would be more terrified about word of the Gay Gouls in Guelph* house but who knows.
* In full disclosure, the "Gay Goulds in Guelph" is a figment of my imagination as opposed to the "Lesbian ball busting on the government dime" is a figment of the Toronto's Sun, which does mean that I am not one of the manly men that the Sun apparently thinks we all must be, unless you are either a subsereviante female or obviously a ball busting lesbians which apparently is the subject of this post.

The insipid superiority of an ongoing inferiority complex

Apparently our 99 senators spent over 1,000,000 dollars in travel during a period of time (March 26th to June 1st) covering the last May election. Forty Six of those senators spent more than double what they normally spent during that period, although no total for those particular senators was provided.
From the Hill Times article: The Senate spent more than $1-million to pay for Senators to travel between Ottawa and their regions during a period that covered the May 2011 election, according to online expenditure reports which also show that 46 Senators received reimbursements at least double their average quarterly travel amounts. 
In all, 26 Liberal Senators and 20 Conservative Senators were reimbursed twice as much than their personal average for travel during the March 1 to May 31, 2011 quarterly period when there were 11 Senate sitting days. Parliament was dissolved between March 26 and June 1 for the 41st general election which took place on May 2, 2011. During this period, the Sen…