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It would be like watching Santa Claus drown

In preparation for what is expected to be a Polar Bear Xmas, with most likely one of Coca Cola’s largest ad campaigns in a decade, this week the Harper government has fulfilled the promise made by John Baird in the spring of 2008 to take immediate actionon the designation of Polar Bears as a species of special concern. There, that should stop any environmentalist from saying our policies are not the real thing

Miss your quota loose your territory

The Tar Sands Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty spoke out today from the APEC conference in Honolulu, introducing plan B for the oil industry’s now shell shocked Canadian subsidiary. With the Keystone pipeline being delayed for a couple of years, the current Canadian management team has moved their focus onto the BC Gateway project. The unveiling of the revised timetable follows yesterday’s comments from the Tar Sands Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver who surprisingly was still quoting the subsidiaries failed, ethical oil, marketing slogan. Meanwhile the Prime Minister of Tar Sands has remained silent, leaving his PR department to reiterate the long term viability of the Canadian organization. Although one would suspect that there was talk around the boardroom table about the continuing independence of the Canadian operation and the general weakness in their marketing abilities.

How do you tell someone you love them when you are dead

Someone is pushing bad shit out there tonight, my busy ER nurse informed me. Apparently seven ODs on a Sunday night is large number at the Credit Valley ER. Patients from Saturday, were already lined up in the hallways, with exhausted, vigil holding, parents, children or spouses, curled up in chairs or camped out on the floor. I guess the drug network breaks down in the suburbs, I thought When I was a kid, Chum’s Pritchard would warn us, by placing inane statements between sets. Something like We don’t play ABBA around here any more, the water has been too deep since last Thursday, meaning of course, don’t buy the Swedish Liquid that just hit town, because people are freaking out.

Generational Occupancy

I don’t know what’s going on.
I’ve been away for far too long. It looks like my world may have started to change. The long haired freaky occupation. Has been compared to my generation So I shouldn’t find a new revolution all that strange