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How do you tell someone you love them when you are dead

Someone is pushing bad shit out there tonight, my busy ER nurse informed me. Apparently seven ODs on a Sunday night is large number at the Credit Valley ER. Patients from Saturday, were already lined up in the hallways, with exhausted, vigil holding, parents, children or spouses, curled up in chairs or camped out on the floor. I guess the drug network breaks down in the suburbs, I thought When I was a kid, Chum’s Pritchard would warn us, by placing inane statements between sets. Something like We don’t play ABBA around here any more, the water has been too deep since last Thursday, meaning of course, don’t buy the Swedish Liquid that just hit town, because people are freaking out.
Pritchard is dead now and Chum is a hot AC station, but you would think that the wired twitter recreation, generation, would at least, check out the reviews, before they swallowed, snorted or shot some branded product into their bodies. I mean nothing sells  without a brand, But all that didn’t really matter, because I was on the old man’s high, comfortably stretched out in bed number one, since late Saturday afternoon. The low tech Matrix like wiring, didn’t require a code warrior to monitor my heart beat and oxogen levels, just a continuous scan that you could upset by tapping the tunes in your head with the laser like finger clamp and there are some good tunes in my head (read yesterday’s post). I was surprised last year when I became the longest living male in my family tree. Every male before me either died instantly of a massive coronary or stretched out an additional year with some form of cardiomyopathy. Hell who knew that heart attacks felt like a combination of carpal syndrome and heart burn. I had the first one on Friday while driving along the 403 and after a smoke, a rest and a couple of scotch I was feeling pretty normal. The second one on Saturday was about the same, but got me thinking that there might be something amiss. One of my granddaughters was spending one of her special nights with us and since I am one of the most important people in her world, or so I am told, I thought it might not be a good idea to die in front of her. So off to the Credit Valley it was. So now that the drugs have worn off, the big deal with heart attacks is to quickly get an angiogram, which is shooting dye through your veins. Without the radioactive blue dyed view, everyone is only guessing. Sitting here for my fourth night it appears that getting one was the hitch. They have to share the equipment between two hospitals. But hooray, hooray I am on my way and by this time tomorrow I will either have had an agioplasty or be planning some future bypass surgery, but either way I am out of here on Thursday. I ‘ll let you know what happens.


karen said…
I miss your blog when you don't post for a long time. There is a lot out there to grieve over these days. I'm really glad you are not one of them.
It makes me happy to think that you are one of the most important things in your granddaughter's life.
Be well. Thoughts are with you.
JJ said…
What!!??? Hey! No! Wrong, Willy!!

Dude, I'm so glad you got your butt to the hospital. These things can be really sneaky, so removing all doubt is always a good move (a great move, in your case).

I won't say anything about that smoking habit because I'm sure there are others on your case right now ;)

Take care and let us know how things go. You gotta slap that recalcitrant ticker back into shape ASAP!!!

Simon said…
hi Willy...I'm sorry to hear that you are in hospital. After waiting for so long for you to post again, it hardly seems fair. Who knew blogging...and smokes...and booze...could be so dangerous? ;)
Seriously though, I love your writing, so get well soon, because we all miss ya...
Beijing York said…
Having spent a good part of Sunday with a friend at the hospital, I am so relieved that you got yourself to the ER. Her case was potential blood clots/embolism (has a history) and luckily they did all the necessary tests to give her the clear.

The title of your post certainly got my attention, Willy. Again, relieved that the love of your grand daughter got you to the ER. Please, please, please take good care and recover quickly.
Rev.Paperboy said…
Yikes! I hope the surgery goes well, none of us are ready to do without you just yet. Take care and be well my friend.
WILLY said…
Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words. They were very, very much appreciated that night and the following days.

For the record I was lucky enough to only require an angioplasty and can go back to work on Monday and guess what I had my last cigarette seven days ago. All it took was two small heart attacks.

I think scotch is good for the heart though:)
Beijing York said…
Yay! Sounds like you're on the mend. Make sure you stick to the good scotch from now on, Willy.
Winndixie said…
ephausioYour one of the best,love you,brother in law, your grandaughter causes you to make the right move !!!!!!

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