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Wisconsin anti-union law ruled illegal

Stepping out of the political closet

It could be ten years before the Liberal Party of Canada will again be able to form a government. This is one reality that their membership should consider as they move forward in rebuilding their party. 
It could be ten long years sitting in the wilderness or it could be ten long years of small victories and there are plenty of victories to be won. The victory of a growing membership or the victory of increased funding opportunities if the corporations are again allowed to participate in the open. And even from their new position as the smaller opposition party, the victory of principled participation in exposing the ideological extremism of the parties on the left and the right. 

Three weeks late and a hundred bucks short

This might explain a lot. When I got home from work today, there was a letter from the Liberal Party of Canada in my mailbox, in a fairly large envelope.

My first thought was, hey these guys are not down and out. This is a very aggressive move. Hit your mailing list, ask for help, get the recovery started now.

But alas it was a letter from Michael Ignatieff, explaining that he was working hard on the campaign bus and that the numbers were starting to climb and could I send some money to help the party.

Well at least I saved a hundred bucks.

Leave that little girl alone

As far as I am concerned the new MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, is just great and the Cons, Libs and media should fuck off.  Who cares if she didn’t campaign, or lives 300 km away or that her french is weak, the citizens of Berthier--Maskinongé voted for the NDP and it was her name on the ballot and it will not make any difference in Parliament either.  If I was Jack I would put all of the kids right up front. Put them in charge of the young dippers, send them all over the country. I’d stick them on the committees, because what difference does it make. We just went through five years with the so-called pros and nothing was resolved by the opposition committee members. Besides, I can see them laughing at the antics of Baird and company. I know I would and think about the negative fall out when Baird tries his bully tactics on these young people. Everyone laments about the lack of youth vote, well these young people can change all that. Hell if I was the Liberals I would try and rent them. And if a…

Just in case I am practicing my French

First off I would like to say, Bonjour et bienvenue à mes amis du Québec.  Unfortunately, such a large number of nationalists joining us all at one time, has forced the rest of Canada into a reformation of sorts and sadly our accommodations, customs and amenities, may no longer represent what had previously been advertised. To the members of the NDP, I say congratulations and at least you will never again, have to see your leader or for that matter any member of any opposition party ever have to appease or prop up the Harper government. To the members of the Liberal party, who have had my vote for the last three elections, I felt like one of you and my heart is deeply saddened. My hope is that the Liberal party will rebuild and again offer a unique third option. I truly, believe our country needs one. Unfortunately I doubt that I will be around one way or the other, when the next election is finally forced upon this government.

This votes for you Harper

Well actually the voting part was for Omar.