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Just in case I am practicing my French

First off I would like to say, Bonjour et bienvenue à mes amis du Québec. 
Unfortunately, such a large number of nationalists joining us all at one time, has forced the rest of Canada into a reformation of sorts and sadly our accommodations, customs and amenities, may no longer represent what had previously been advertised.
To the members of the NDP, I say congratulations and at least you will never again, have to see your leader or for that matter any member of any opposition party ever have to appease or prop up the Harper government.
To the members of the Liberal party, who have had my vote for the last three elections, I felt like one of you and my heart is deeply saddened. My hope is that the Liberal party will rebuild and again offer a unique third option. I truly, believe our country needs one. Unfortunately I doubt that I will be around one way or the other, when the next election is finally forced upon this government.
I had trouble getting to sleep last night and the last thought I had before weariness overtook me was the message and plea to defend our parliamentary system, from Prof. Peter Russell, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, and our country’s leading constitutional expert and how horrific these results must be for him to see the Harper Government rewarded.

Keeping up my reporting of local election results, for you out of towners. It looks like three of the four ridings in Mississauga were lost to vote splitting and Blue Grit erosion and the fourth, Mississauga South was more likely just the Liberal Blue Grit vote of the wealthy lakefront crowd that went running for cover from the surging socialist horde.

Obviously strategic voting did not prevent the vote splitting and it's critics would even go farther to say that there actually was no vote splitting it was just the democratic process, of people choosing their candidate or placing a vote for the party of their choice and I will concede that is probably what happened.

It looks like up to 4,000 scared, well off, blue grits in my riding, went scurrying from a Jack led coalition government, in horror and voted for the conservative. Another 10,300 voters (more that double the vote count in the last election) voted with their hearts and joined the large orange wave that was sweeping the nation and placed their vote for a last minute NDP replacement candidate from two cities over.

Omar the former hard working MP from two elections back came in at 21,500 votes, a decrease of  2,000 from the last election, loosing to the arrogant Dechert conservative. The only positive was that 3,000 more people voted.

I know that that the idea of democracy is that everyone gets to make their mark etc. etc. etc. but if the original objective for the majority of so-called progressive voters was to prevent a Harper majority, there were a lot of stupid voters in this riding yesterday.

But then again maybe that objective was never clearly stated or agreed upon by the opposition parties and maybe as the media has said it was all about Jack and the orange wave with some voters running to join it and other voters running in horror.

Accueillez au Canada mes nouveaux amis oranges.


Beijing York said…
Strategic voting didn't catch on with enough people in my view. The closest it came to working was in BC.

I was in Ontario (Toronto and Ottawa) and all the coverage of the Orange surge/crush had lots of people I met (unfortunately friends and family) voting to stop the evil NDP socialists.

There are definitely tons of factors that contributed to the results we saw last night. A huge fail goes to all the opposition parties for failing to attack Harper's bogus "economic" credentials or attack him period in any effective or meaningful way.

And mon ami Gilles looked tired and beaten from the get go. He tried to point out Harper's coalition hypocrisy in the beginning but none of the other opposition parties were biting. I hope he's not ill. As ironic as this sounds, he deserves an Order of Canada medal for having done such a great job in staving off a Harper majority during the past two elections.

We were also played like fools by Harper and his handmaiden, the mainstream media. The Conservative minority meme was played to the max with the desired effect of (a) lulling voters into not not worrying about who or if they voted because Harper is nowhere near majority territory or (b) exciting voters into thinking an evil coalition between socialists and separatists was afoot with a conservative minority.

Heh, word verification = amprog (fat use that does any of us now)
WILLY said…
I truly cannot understand QC voters dropping the Bloc on mass.

And progressive has become very very ol.

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