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The Conservative War Room for Hire has been reassigned

Apparently the Conservative War Room for Hire has been reassigned from pushing the #LAVSCAM bullshit to putting out a self inflicted fire caused by Chuckles, welcoming the Yellow Jacketed racists from Alberta to Parliament Hill. The Conservative's close relationship with White Nationalism has been a smouldering fire for many, many years.
Similarly to the effect of Climate Change on the world's remaining forests, where a smouldering under brush fire can quickly change into a full apocalyptic, inferno, the New Zealand white nationalist's attack on Muslims can wake up Canadians to our own White Nationalism problem.
Of course the way the Conservative party will go after White Nationalism will be to set their attack dog on Maxime Bernier and his People's Party of Canada.
After all conservative voters in Canada should have a choice between which type of racists they want to follow.

At least you get kissed

When my dad got into arguments and sometimes fist fights with passengers on his bus, the bosses at the TTC would try to suspend him. The union would back my dad and the TTC would back off. My dad was a union man, a bit feisty and always voted for the NDP. 
“The Conservatives worked for the companies”, he would say. “The people always get screwed when the Conservatives are in power.” The Liberals in his opinion were sneaky. They worked for the bosses too, but they always gave you something before they would show their true colours. He’d say ‘if the Liberals are in, at least you’ll get kissed before you get fucked”.

I can finally smoke pot, legally in Canada. Thank you Justin.