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Now you can be forgotten

In honor of the release of Justice Oliphant’s report on Mulroney’s inappropriate deals with Schreiber, as relevantly summed up by Dave at the Beaver here, I have republished an old Mulroney picture by FFIB.
Also I guess to honor the fact that we as taxpayers will hopefully not have to waste any more of our money on this unethical politician.

RIP Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper died today.

Here's some of his work.

Here's a interview from 1983 about working with James Dean and acting...

Why the shit hit the fan in India

The now revealed and so called visa row, in India has been going on for a couple years. 
At least  twelve retired officers from the Indian military, police forces and security services have come forward to the Indian press. That had been denied visas to either immigrate to or visit Canada on the grounds that they have been engaging in terrorism, committing acts of espionage or being a former member of an organization that engages in such acts and therefore a danger to the security of Canada and its people.
Some of these retired officers have visited Canada more than once in the past and have children living in the country.
India has a population of over a billion people and I would assume that they have a lot of retired military and security officers, so it was not on the front burner with India’s Minister of State or their press until a week ago when our so called overworked Canadian immigration officers caused the shit to hit the fan,
The latest incident, (the Indian) government sources…

Jesus is on that mainline Tell Him what you want

I understand that you could not even get elected as a dog catcher, if you told the voters that you were an atheist, because the majority of Canadians have faith and believe in some sort of god, but there is a big difference between believing in the hereafter and other common christian, muslim or other religious beliefs and believing that Jesus is literally going to come floating down from the sky, with his army of angels behind him, to reclaim his throne on earth, as they literally believe in the CM&A.
And considering what I have read so far about Marci McDonald’s book, the best I can hope for, is that Harper is really just pretending to be a member of this so called conservative, evangelical, ministry, in order to take advantage of a built in base of support that is willing to tithe the Conservative party as often as they do their church.
That still makes him an asshole in my books, just not a religious one.

A kinder gentler world

Strangely, throughout my life, I have been asked one question more often than any other, and not just from people that I have had some sort of a relationship with, but even from those whom would almost be considered strangers. What would you wish for if you could have anything in the world?
Obviously, I do not believe that these people are necessarily concerned about my wants or wishes, or that they are overly generous or actually have the power to grant me what I would wish for, nor that they have a seemingly obsessive need to know what people would want if they could have anything in the world. Of course I have never fully tested that theory by asking for something that they might possibly be able to provide, say something that they were carrying in their purse or pockets for the last ten years or so, just waiting to give it to someone who wanted it. In hindsight I should probably run an experiment, the next time I am asked the question. I have always wanted a blue sweater, if they w…

Stop shooting the messenger

Senator Nancy Ruth is taking a lot of shots around here tonight for warning a group of international development advocates to shut the f--- up about Harpers stance on not funding abortion services in his foreign aid proposal or things could get worse.
However after reviewing Senator Ruth's resume here and re-listening to the audio here, I think that this 68 year old Senator who seemingly has devoted the best part of her life to working for women's rights (I mean she founded LEAF & The Canadian Women's Foundation and more) is truly concerned about a backlash from Harper and his social conservatives. A backlash as she states, that can further harm women's health.
And if this old activist war horse is scared, then every Canadian that believes in a woman's right to control her own body, should be to.
Stop shooting the messenger and pay attention to the message, A message based on insider information.
Harper's government is full of ideological social conservatives w…

Smoke em if you got em

If you are going to spend up to 2 billion a year on prisons, you better use them. Harper has decided to reintroduce his draconian drug laws, only this time through his new hand picked senate. 
Harper wasn't happy with the changes made by the senate, prior his last prorogation, which killed the first bill. So it's back to the doubling of minimums from 7 to 14, mandatory sentencing and one plant equals a grow-op.
Harper has nothing to loose by reintroducing this bill. This time around the sober second thought will reside in parliament where I fear that the best the Liberals will go for is to roll back to the previous senate ruling. After all you can't be painted soft on crime.
Of course alternatively Ignatieff could propose tougher laws for hard drugs, finally instate decriminalization of marijuana possession and demonstrate that he understands where the problem is.
But hey I've been smoking all weekend.

Canadian Press via Macleans here.

We are stronger as one, so we are going to stand apart

BASKing in their own light the premiers of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan have in their words transformed their provinces into a new western partnership.
After a year of ongoing meetings the premieres summed up yesterday's announcement by stating that we are all Canadians and our experiences have taught us that more can be accomplished by working together. Well except for part about working with the rest of Canada, I guess.

See Globe article here.