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Stop shooting the messenger

Senator Nancy Ruth is taking a lot of shots around here tonight for warning a group of international development advocates to shut the f--- up about Harpers stance on not funding abortion services in his foreign aid proposal or things could get worse.

However after reviewing Senator Ruth's resume here and re-listening to the audio here, I think that this 68 year old Senator who seemingly has devoted the best part of her life to working for women's rights (I mean she founded LEAF & The Canadian Women's Foundation and more) is truly concerned about a backlash from Harper and his social conservatives. A backlash as she states, that can further harm women's health.

And if this old activist war horse is scared, then every Canadian that believes in a woman's right to control her own body, should be to.

Stop shooting the messenger and pay attention to the message, A message based on insider information.

Harper's government is full of ideological social conservatives who want to move our country back to the fifties.

Thank you for being so honest Senator, even if not intentionally and hey you can say fuck anytime you want to. By the looks of your resume you've earned the right..

From the Star here.


This needed saying. We tend to get carried away with blind partisanship these days. Thanks.
sassy said…
I agree, it is the message that is so troubling.
ck said…
hang on, I'm not so quick to let this one go...

She may have stood up for women and gay rights in the past, but she's a tory.

As I have noticed over time, Red tories are pretty much no longer existant as they have mostly been led on Steve's sharp right turn.

Perhaps she was warning, but she came off as a bully, just like Brother Steve.

Not like she dien't say anything most of us didn't already know. Only, up until today, so many are in denial where Steve is concerned.
Christian said…
Good on you, JAWL. A voice of reason, how rare these days!

Nancy was simply warning us of the monster that is stephen harper. Taking everything into consideration: her age, her resume, her warning, it reminds me of what happens to whistle~blowers when they first come forward. Then it explains why there aren't more of them.
Rev.Paperboy said…
Harper's government is full of ideological social conservatives who want to move our country back to the fifties.

yeah, the eighteen fifties.

mutter...mutter... mumble..mumbers...Fuckers.

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