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Here is an idea Paladiea

Sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs lie, let the storm pass, so to speak, you know STFU, because your explanatory post about why the Progressive Bloggers Administrators should not be used to censure a misogynist or as you described the individual in question, a well intentioned ignoramus, somehow does not ring true to the events that have been previously described. I get it, you cannot become the thought police and one of the big deals around these parts is that any asshole can get up on their Soap Box and prattle on and on and on Hey their traffic’s going up and they have the right to listen to their own voice over and over and over again and no matter how many times they post these misogynistic like statements, we all know that it is due to their ignorance and not because they are a misogynist (if I read your post correctly). However what your post does not explain is why did Progressive Bloggers abruptly remove Dammit Janet from the blog roll, without allowing them to le…