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PMO gives up chance to use its new anti-citizenship law

This must be disappointing for Harper's smarmy army

In response to a request made directly to Harper by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, asking him "to provide assurances that Mohamed Fahmy (the Canadian journalist, wrongfully convicted in Egypt) will not be stripped of his Canadian citizenship”, which is now possible with Harper's new definition of Canadian citizenship (Bill C-24).

One of Harper's PMO minions, Jason MacDonald (the beaming asshole on the left), ignored Mulclair, choosing to respond by email to the Canadian press that the government had no intention of doing that, claiming that the request was just another conspiracy theory from the opposition.

You would think that just once, these assholes would take a higher road when communicating to us.

So much for the latest BigCityLib sexy theory

It seemed like good over evil to me

Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals, gained 5 seats over their 2011 election results, Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, gained 4 seats and Hudak lost 9 seats and his job.

Seemed like good over evil to me. The right wing CON party personally endorsed by Harper and his ministers was defeated without the dreaded progressive vote splitting taking place.

However, according to many posts around these parts, the results were a sham because Ontario used the existing electoral system, or it was not a progressive win because the Liberal party is not progressive, or an election result based on fear is somehow, not as valid as a result based on hope.

In my opinion, these bloggers are not paying attention to what is going on in this country and they should actually read the words that Simon puts out each and everyday. There is an evil political party in this country that needs to be voted out of office and Ontario just might be ready to do that.

The sad reality for some, is that there are ridings in Ontario that …

Wow,Wynne is awesome

A Liberal victory called and really close to a majority......

 Update Nancy LeBlanc (Impolitical) is leading in a close race, go Nancy.

Update: It's a Liberal Majority,

Still no word on Nancy.

There must be inbreeding in Nepean-Carlton

To torture myself, while working at home, because it shouldn’t, really be fun, I leave my television tuned to CP24 as back ground noise.

This morning, my head started to ache and my stomach started to heave and I thought I was about to become Ontario’s next West Nile victim, when I looked up at the TV and I realized that I was again listening to the ridiculous, over the top, ramblings of this obnoxious creature.

And then I thought who in their right mind would vote for such a partisan hack and sure enough, after very little research, it all made sense.

The same idiot voters that vote for this asshole.

OMG: YouTube is actively campaigning for the Liberal party

There I was this morning, sitting with my eight year old granddaughter, about to get our morning dose of “a spoonful of sugar” and her favorite video was surrounded by this YOUTUBE/Liberal propaganda.

Oh wait, never mind,  my granddaughter explained to me that this was an advertisement that the Liberal Party of Ontario had purchased.

Sorry about that, I was having a dippy moment

nutty norquist north

Timmy is an idiot..

This week he introduced Grover Norquist’s "Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” into Canada. The one page pledge that we all should know by now, blackmailed republicans in congress to log jam the US government and prevent it from doing anything.

Of course with Timmy’s oath he is blackmailing himself and his own government from accomplishing anything, which I guess makes sense in his bizarro world where working at the same job for eight years is counted as eight new jobs.