This votes for you Harper

Well actually the voting part was for Omar.


Well my friend Willy. Layton is ascendant if you don't mind the price of a powerful Harper majority. Furious Leader and Cap'n Rub'n Tug came out of this smelling of roses - or was that rose oil? The whole business is astonishingly greasy especially when you realize that a lot of Liberal votes migrated to the mustachioed scumbag only in hopes of denying Harper a majority.

The centre and left are ruptured and Harper/Layton are mutually enriched. Fuck them both.
WILLY said…
Hi MoS,

I feel like we've been played like a cheap violin, but I am not yet convinced that it was originally planned as a duet. I think it just evolved into that when the Bloc fell.

In any case I share your pain.

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