Generational Occupancy

I don’t know what’s going on.
I’ve been away for far too long.
It looks like my world may have started to change.
The long haired freaky occupation.
Has been compared to my generation
So I shouldn’t find a new revolution all that strange

However what does strike me as a tad crazy 
Is how generations X & Y were so damned lazy
There was an obligation to take over when the yippies stopped carrying the load
So hurray you are starting to get in a fuss
Except you think you lead by driving the bus
When we know Cassidy drove Further, because he'd already been On The Road
So older hands than yours are pointing the way
And by all means, you can still have your say
But stop tripping on me by saying you are the first in line.
Our progressiveness has become fashionably elite
While our complacency has almost made us obsolete
I might be older but believe me we are both running out of time.


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