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Tony Clement, another foolish, unprincipled, politician

Back when Tony Clement was the Minister of Health for Ontario, I saw him being interviewed at the airport, late at night, after returning from a WHO meeting, that he had called. He was tired and looked whipped.

The city was being beat up in the world press and by the WHO about SARS and he called the meeting to explain what was actually happening in and to the city.

With his peers either in hiding or spieling political platitudes, this guy was actually trying to do something. He wasn’t trying to make political points, he was just trying to do his job.

I guess a person can change a lot in five years.

Despite all the reports recommending the extension of the Insite injection program in BC (which you actually agree with at one point), you want to close it.
However yesterday in the Globe you claim to have an open mind about letting Quebec open their own injection sites which are based on the BC model.
"I am obligated to consider each situation as a unique situation. That's my obligation as the Minister of Health."
No Tony, your obligation as the Minister of Health is to actually do the right thing to protect the health of all Canadians, including addicts in both provinces.

Tony, you've changed a lot in five years and unfortunately it appears that you are now just another foolish, unprincipled, politician.


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