Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hey, Tony when you sleep with the hogs...

In early May, Tony Clement, our Minister of Health was insisting that his government was open-minded about the issue of Insite. However by mid month, Tony admitted that even though the science and the numerous studies supported Insite, they were not the only factors to consider. The eventual decision must also make for good public policy not just science nor ideology.

And now after all his posturing to live up to his position and show concern for the actual health of the addicts involved, Tony toes the company line.
"the best way to deal with the health issues of drug addicts is to offer treatment and to prevent them from getting on to drugs in the first place." He then strongly suggested that the federal government is opposed to the continued operation of Insite.
You can't have it both ways Tony. You can either do what is ethically right, as our country's Minister of Health, or you resign from the position. 

Or I guess, thirdly, as you have chosen to do, sleep with the hogs and end up full of shit. (or however that old saying goes)

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