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I miss my ITV

There is something missing in my TV schedule.

The programing is the same but I no longer get that old rush of adrenalin about the 10 and 20 minute marks. It all seems so bland now.

CTV News, hockey night in Canada or reruns of The Big Bang Theory no longer cause my blood pressure to rise. I think that I am suffering from AIAWS and who could blame me, after four years of constant infusion.

I would venture a guess that similar to a drug addict being pulled cold turkey from their daily fix, millions of unaware Canadians are now suffering from the Anti-Iggy Advertising Withdrawal Syndrome. A disease that leaves you complacent, empty and hollow.

However there is a light on the horizon. With the oil companies no longer having to funnel their funds through non profit, political advertising fronts, we are now seeing an increased number of Tar Sands advertising.

The earth mother talking about clean water and the U of C professor talking about thousands of scientific projects to further enhance the processing of black tar from boreal forests and the native spokesperson telling us how much the oil companies care.

Yes I think these new ad campaigns might be our methadone like cure.

Thank you oil companies.


Beijing York said…
CAPP should set up a bird sanctuary featuring ducks for their next "corporate responsibility" ad.

By the by, I like the new look. Very sleek.
WILLY said…
thx beig, I thought i needed a new look.
Steve said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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