Bob Dechert MP Mississauga is out to protect the duck hunters

My assumption is that Bob, our conservative MP is out to protect all the Mississauga, duck hunters. I mean $60 for a long gun license is outrageous.

Despite the fact that the Peel Regional Police Force claims to use the registry everyday to supposedly protect themselves and possibly citizens when answering a marital dispute call and the like. Ignoring  the fact that you require a license for almost everything else in Mississauga, a drivers license, a license plate, a license for your dog, your cat and even a license to cut down a fucking tree, Bob has decided to protect the Erin Mills, Mississauga duck hunters and not the rest of us.

Unfortunately I am being forced to assume that is Bob’s reasoning, since he has nothing about the long gun registry or strangely duck hunters on his web site and both Bob and his polite assistant have refused to answer my email questioning his intentions regarding the forthcoming vote.

Oh I got a email reply back in June that started off with Thank you for providing your address. The member is deciding how he will answer you question. I thought that to be a strange reply but I was patient. But after a few months my followup email is also being ignored..

The problem here might be that Bob has my address and during the last election it had a very big red sign on the front lawn and Bob doesn’t treat all Mississauga citizens equally.

But then again it is only an assumption on my part, since he won’t answer my email.


Cammie Novara said…
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WILLY said…
Fuck off automated troll, what the hell does this have to with my post....

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