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Hey CC we have more fish

Being constantly harassed by libelous attacks on your personal and professional reputation, to the point of litigation, will certainly take a toll on you. Speaking from experience the suit and pending judgement becomes a constant irritant, consuming too much of the time reserved for creative thought processes.

So congratulations on the outcome and the fact that the judgement is in.

Sadly though, the sweet taste and personal redemption in receiving a favorable and in your case, sizable judgement, never seems to last as long as expected.

Although the rest of us will be certainly enjoying the result for a while to come.

So when the glow of redemption starts to fade, come back from hiatus, we have more fish.


Alison said…
Great post title!

But if by chance it doesn't work, you could try 'molecules'

a numbering system for
rabbit said…
I find it strange that Day would be so protective of his reputation when he is without doubt one of the most vicious Canadian bloggers of any political stripe.

My guess is that if Day resumes blogging, "the other guys" will be going over his postings with a fine toothed comb, looking for anything actionable.

Not exactly the kind of blogosphere people were hoping for.
WILLY said…
Hi Allison

As in right click wv mount to new drive
WILLY said…
Hi Rabbit

He is just plain old CC to me and I am sure they already have combed the five years of posts that are still up.

Several times I bet.
JJ said…
More fish! Hahahaahha!

If 'more fish' doesn't work, and 'molecules' doesn't work, try "Wolverines!"

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