I’m Joe the Plumber try my new cologne

Apparently Sam the Wurzelbacher, AKA Joe the Plumber has decided to extend his two weeks of fame beyond the current election cycle.

He has signed a management deal to to hopefully become a show business personality
“Joe the Plumber is fast becoming a brand,” his opportunistic agency said. “He is a dynamic speaker and an everyman who has become an overnight celebrity. It’s going to be our job to find Joe’s strengths and give him some options.”
To continue the immediate exposure Joe is now appearing on stage with Palin.
“He’s a fellow Alaskan, and he’s a fellow military man who served our country proudly,” Ms. Palin said. “I’d like you to meet him! Please welcome Joe the Plumber!”
But his agency can see a good future for him after the election.
“It wouldn’t be far afield to have Joe be the spokesperson for Home Depot, for example, representing the shoulder-to-the-wheel working stiff,”
“He really isn’t selling out in any way, shape or form. We just want to see where he can have a positive impact.”
Of course you know where this will all lead.
We will be inodated with spurious copy cat trades spokespeople. Wally the Window Guy, Derek the Drywaller and then the service industries, Sally the salesgirl, Brian the Burger Flipper ...
We are loosing our personal identity here folks.

What is wrong with these people, using a fictional character to gain a few moments of fleeting fame... oh wait a minute.

Never mind.

From RAW STORY here.


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