Cat Stevens can fly again

Big hubbub today, about Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) being banned from entering Israel where he was to perform at 10th anniversary of the Peres Centre for Peace, next week.

Turns out it was just the overactive British press.

"This is a storm in a jam jar, because in fact I had already put a cap on this matter. I'd given apologies to the Peres Centre some time ago, due to the date of the event coinciding with a scheduled trip to the United States.

"That's not to say that I didn't appreciate the invitation from the Centre, and I am of course supportive of initiatives for peace," Yusuf said in the emailed statement.

Storm in a jam jar, now there's a saying you don't hear that often.

Good to hear that Yusuf can travel to the US again.

Hey, it's good just to hear Cat Stevens.


Deb Prothero said…
what a delightful memory!

Where in the US, one wonders? Wouldn't be a political supporter for Obama, would he?
WILLY said…
That thought passed through my mind too.

Now that would demonstrate change.

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