I assume a Harper dental plan would include brushing after every meal

With his strengthened mandate in hand, our prime minister has announced his new six point plan to deal with “this period of economic uncertainty”.

  1. Hold a first ministers meeting to discuss the global financial crisis. (But not the one that the provincial ministers are having next week, apparently he is busy. It will be another one, some time in the future)
  2. Continue to work with other G7 nations to take "appropriate actions" to support Canada's financial system. (Well that’s good, I’m glad we’re still a member)
  3. Summon Parliament to meet in the fall. Harper did not give a date for the resumption of Parliament. (OK?)
  4. Send Harper to meet with European Union leaders later this week to discuss the economic crisis and strengthen Canada's economic partnership with the EU. (I believe that meeting was already scheduled and Europe is necessarily open to Harper’s ideology )
  5. Attend a summit of G-20 finance ministers in Brazil in early November. (The weather should be nice)
  6. Continue a review of departmental spending. (Ah yes the strategic review that seems to only cut those pesky artsy things.) 

Now I know that some of you might be concerned that Steve’s plan might be missing some, well you know, details, but don’t worry he’s going to issue a fiscal update before the end of November.

As for supporting the our financial institutions, Steve will take "whatever appropriate steps are necessary" and here’s the good part, it will not involve "significant outlays of taxpayers' money."

Whew! Everything is going to be okay now.

It's just like having the tooth fairy for a dad.

Reference the CBC here .

Update: I apologize if this post seems a bit too sardonically, facetious (I'm trying to learn big words)  but I think I have to get it out of my system.


Beijing York said…
No apologies necessary as far as
I'm concerned. The cuts to departmental spending was something Harper was planning to do all along. An economic crisis just gives his minority the justification for dismantling more public services.

Nice of him to keep all this out of his so-called, late released platform.
tdwebste said…
Unfortunately we are seeing the market oscillations Asian has been seeing since the spring. Asian was hit very hard early one because of the massive amount of US dept purchased to compensate for the massive trade deficient and fixed exchange rate.

We are now just seeing the effects bounce around the world. This is not over it is just beginning. Last week was not the crash. The crash will occur when the US cannot borrow money to pay its interest, the moment demand for US T Bills falls.

If we are lucky the banks will keep buying the US T Bills. So dumping money into banks so they do this is not such a bad idea.
tdwebste said…
The republican belive that deficients don't matter is what got us into this mess.

As reminder of Harper's illresponsibility leading to this crisses.


Harper followed Bush's example and first deregulated credit. June 2006, than again in November 2006 CMHC relaxed its standards. Prior to Harper, government insured mortgage were a prudent maximum of 25 years and with a minimum down payment of 5%. The introduction of dangerous zero down 40yr mortgages fuelled already out of control housing prices. Canada is not suffering to the extend the US people are suffering because the Liberals know there is piper to pay and did not follow Bush deregulating credit. Only after Canada felt the growing credit crises did Harper reverse the dangerous zero down 40yr mortgages effective Oct 15 2008 which he earlier introduced in 2006.



Earlier this year, CMHC was the first Canadian mortgage insurer to introduce, on a pilot basis, insurance on loans with extended amortization periods of up to 30 years.

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