Obama Don't Let Up Ad

Probably a good idea.

Despite his healthy lead in the polls, Obama is imploring his crowds of supporters not to forget to vote and asked them to take five friends along and "dig deep and make history".

With ever increasing internet and email traffic the GOP and their operatives are increasing the rhetoric about Obama's, religion, past associations and hidden agendas.

The rumours include claims that he is a Muslim, does not have a US birth certificate and resembles the anti-Christ. The latter and most outlandish slander is based on Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation presaging the end of the world.

A poll for the Houston Chronicle meanwhile found that 23% of Texans thought Mr Obama follows Islam.

McCain might be running out time, to find any shred of innuendo that he can hang a big enough lie on.

However with the validity of their last two elections in question, it is probably a very idea to keep the pressure up.

The Americans need to get this one right for their own country's sake let alone the rest of the world.

This new ad makes sense too.


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