Colin Dalai Lama Powell

I always thought these two seventy year olds looked alike (Dalai Lama is 73 and Powell is 71).  In fact I've often mixed them up when scanning images.

As Scott states, I too hope that Powell's thoughtful, convincing endorsement of Obama has a positive affect on "the undecided" voter  or some centrist republicans.

Unfortunately for me, he still has no credibility. Like the Dalai Lama though.


James Bowie said…
Why do you feel he has no credibility? And if he is not credible, then for what disingenuous reason is he supporting Obama?
WILLY said…
Good question James.

For me, I don’t think you can regain credibility, not privately to the smaller groups of people that most of us relate to or publicly on the international scale that Powell dealt in.

I agree with his opinion of Obama and believe his statement was well thought out and convincing.

Do I think he is disingenuous?

No. He is just irrelevant to me.

And I guess irrelevant might have been a better word to choose.

I actually did the post because I thought the two of them do look alike and tying in his endorsement of Obama made it topical.

My first pass at it had a lot of negative comment about Powell, which I then decided to ignore and went with the less said, the better,

That will teach me.


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