CTV cuts and pastes one last story for Harper

This report from CTV twists out of context statements from the report handed in by the Liberal tape expert and then implies that it casts doubt on the authenticity of a taped conversation between Harper and Zytaruk.

Basically the reporters scoured the report to find these three paragraphs.
"it can be postulated that the original ... tape recording was digitized, edited digitally and the electronically placed on the evidence tape associated with this dispute."
Postulated as in assumed that the original tape was recorded on a digital device, which would be the recording device, Zytaruk used to make the original recording and then “electronically placed” as in copied from the original tape on to the evidence tape.

Well that sounds about right. Isn’t that what happens when you digitally tape a conversation and then digitally make a copy of that tape.

But then the CTV article jumps to an unrelated paragraph about an alteration, implying that there was one, when in reality the whole purpose of the examination was to determine if there was one.
However, the report also states that it would be impossible to determine if such an alteration was even made, and that the journalist who recorded the tape -- Tom Zytaruk -- likely did not have the tools or knowledge necessary to alter the tape in such a fashion.

"While the process would be relatively simple to carry out in a laboratory such as ours, its realization ... would have demanded more sophisticated technical knowledge and equipment than is apparent in the examination of Mr. Zytaruk," the report says.
In other words the experts believe that any digital tape could be altered beyond detection, but it would take expertise and equipment that Zytaruk doesn’t have.

And lastly CTV adds
The experts also found that the tape "cannot be shown to be complete" because of apparent missing sections and an interruption. Zytaruk has said he stopped his tape recorder and started it again during his interview with Harper.
Well yeah, we already know that.

There is no doubt being cast here on the authenticity of the tape.

All these experts have reported is clarification that any digital output can be altered beyond detection if you have the skill and the equipment, which they don’t believe that Zytaruk has.

And that the tape was stopped and restarted, which we already know by listening to the tape and which Zytaruk disclosed.

The only doubt being cast here is why is CTV and it parent company so blatantly biassed for the Harper government.

Does it have anything to do with changing the foreign ownership rules so BCE can sell off some of it’s holdings?

VOTE ABC and vote often.

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