More facts revealed about Harpers failed deregulation at Maple Leaf

More information came forward today about the changes that Harper’s Tories secretly made to our food inspection back in March.

Under the new CVS (Compliance Verification System) the inspectors became auditors of the companies' paperwork and only check records for listeria tests twice a month.

In the past the inspectors would of been notified immediately of a recurring positive Listeria test.

From the CBC.

"Prior to April 1, [any positive listeria tests] would have had to have been, not only brought to the inspector's attention, but the inspector would have been involved in overseeing the cleanup," said Bob Kingston, head of the union representing CFIA inspectors.

"The CFIA would have been doing their own testing to validate the success of the cleanup. But after April 1, with the changes they brought in, none of that happened. They weren't required to bring their cleanup activities to the inspector's attention, [and] they wouldn't have been required to bring a failed cleanup attempt to the inspector's attention, or repeated positives."

"Before, you had authority, you were like a cop. We were the meat police. Now, you're just looking at the paperwork," one Toronto-area inspector said.

Inspectors said had the alarm bells been sounded earlier, lives could have been saved.

CVS is nothing more than a cute marketing title for the neocon objective of creating a self-regulated free market, devoid of national standards, which Harper has also applied to BSE (Mad Cow) inspection and air craft inspection.

The same neocon bullshit that has all but destroyed the US.

The death of twenty Canadians have been linked to the Listeria break out.

Vote ABC.


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