Palins racist followers shout the n-word

A supporter of Sarah Palin shouts "He's a niger" in reference to Obama while Palin herself attempts to continue her attack on Obama.

It's obvious in the video, that Palin heard what the person said, because the racial slur broke her stride and caused her to pause.

Yet she says nothing about the racism she is reveling in.

McCain's probably just thankful, that she didn't wink.


Anonymous said…
besides the racism, the comments on economics are atrocious: ALL the evidence shows that the US has experienced a major productivity-wages gap over the last thirty years -- meaning that US workers are producing more than ever before and increasingly earning less.

See: Robert Pollin, Contours of Descent (Verso, 2003).

It is hard to believe how wide the gap is becoming between ideology and reality in Republican circles. The productivity-wages gap is one example, as is the ballooning of government spending and deficits under Bush II.

These people are systematic liars or they are completely insane.

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