Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Niqab wearing poison dart spitters

I'd hate to be a minority in Quebec, with all the fuss they are making about the twenty women in the province who wear the niqab. On second thought I probably would be a minority in Quebec.

Anyway, the RCMP in Quebec and the Montreal police force, as well as other forces across Canada. have now vowed that the niqab will be removed before taking any any mug shots.

Well thank god for that and I mean Jesus' dad here.

Hey you never know, they could have poison darts in their mouthes and then quickly lift that veil and spit them out at you, right into your eyes. You'd never know what hit you.

This is my third post about niqab wearing women in a month. I think I am getting infatuated.

As reported by Canadian Press via CNEWS


deBeauxOs said...

Wow. I would certainly take a course that combined baladi (belly dancing) and poison dart spitting. Those are useful skills for women to acquire as we age.

Becoming an elderly, fit, lower-body-muscled, poison-dart-aiming granny would be MASSIVELY awesome. Even if wearing a niqab was part of the deal, since women become invisible anyway whey they're old, regardless of ethnic origin.

WILLY said...

I think you guys over at DJ have already got that poison dart thing down. You just do it with words.

The baladi and veils would be a nice touch, though.