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Sexy mysterious looking women

I always found the veiled look to be somewhat sexy or at least I did when I still had enough testosterone left in my body to find such things sexy. It is most likely a lingering memory of watching Rita Hayworth movies with my father.

I doubt if increased sexual arousal in aging old men is the intended purpose of the niquib, although it probably was the intended purpose in this old Sweet Marie chocolate bar ad.

In a world where we are inundated with more and more semi clothed models and styles of clothing that hide nothing of the human figure and in fact act as nothing more than a colored skin covering, I find the scarfed, veiled and multi-layered look much more appealing, more mysterious and in fact sexier, whether it be the niqab, veil or the hijab, scarves worn by some muslim and orthodox jewish women.

Of course I also liked the strippers who came out dressed as secretaries when I used to take my US clients to the Landing Strip.

I really don't give a shit what the religious meaning or intent of the niqab is, nor why Catholics ate fish on Friday, but in no way should the wearing of a veil, scarf or halloween mask prevent you from learning French and the Quebec government is wrong in this case.


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